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What's your Recommended Daily Dosage?

One of our favourite parts of any vineyard tour is the tasting, it's probably our guests favourite part too!

Without getting too technical we like to explain the processes involved in making sparkling wine in the Traditional Method. The beginning of this month saw a very important task at Trotton Estate Vineyards, after 36 months ageing the second release of Spectacular Sparkling was ready to be topped up with liqueur d'expédition. 'Liqueur d'what?' we hear you say, well, quite simply it's a mixture of wine and sugar - the amount of sugar used is called the dosage and can vary from 0 - 12g/L to produce a Brut sparkling wine, which we, in the UK, tend to prefer.  

The pressure is certainly on, the decision is made by the owners and wine makers and there is no exact science. The dosage for this year could vary wildly from last year, there are so many factors to consider in order to produce a house style. This year saw a slightly different approach to working out the dosage due to social distancing, a trip to the winery was out but luckily they still managed to get it done before the second national lockdown came into force on the 5th November. Three generations gathered around the kitchen table, although the youngest didn't partake (!), wine was tasted, notes were made and fingers crossed we'll see the new vintage released before the year is out.  

We cannot wait to try the new vintage and serve it during our tours and tastings in 2021, in fact we are so excited we've opened the diary back up for tours and tastings in 2021. We've made a change for next year at Trotton Estate, we will now be doing Fridays at 2pm for all those long weekend staycationers and Saturdays at 11am from May until the end of September or when the wine runs out, whichever comes first. We are also adding a few more experiences so do keep an eye on the website or social media to be first in the know. 

For the time being we hope that Lockdown 2.0 is as painless as possible for you and your glass is charged with something spectacular, sparkling and English.